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Here are some programs i wrote in my last job as programmer. It's all free, of cause without any warranty ;-)

i4lmon Win32 Monitor for Isdn4Linux
TapiMon PBX-Monitor (TAPI), written for Teles iPBX (Win 9.x/NT/Win2K)
IMAPCopy Copy IMAP-Mails from one server to another
NetTerm Terminalemulation for Windows NT/2000 (for working on Linux)
CapiStarter NT/Win2K service to start programs on incoming isdn-calls (CAPI 2.0)
Identd Identd (RFC 1413) for Win 9.x/NT/Win2K
MailSend Win32 commandline tool to send emails via smtp
Replace Win32 commandline tool for search/replace in textfiles


A small monitor to watch the activities of isdn4linux on windows. Some additional features like dial, hangup, info... A detailed description is available on Dirk's homepage: http://pc16154.pharmazie.uni-marburg.de/dettmering/linux/dld-isdn/dld-winclients.html

Download Source and Executable



A small tapi-application for win32. Can monitor line status of a tapi capable pbx. Can also initiate/transfer calls and can show incoming calls. Currently only tested on Teles iPBX 5.0.

  • transfer incoming calls for other parties (sorry, not on broadcast-groups)
  • Redirect incoming calls to other parties
  • Configure call redirection (Manual or at program start/end)
  • Configure own number that will be transmitted on outgoing calls
  • Disable own line
  • Caller list
  • Manual dial and redial (Ctrl-Alt-W)
  • Hold, transfer, switch between active calls
  • Window can be docked (like windows startbar)



    see also: TapiKiller


    Terminalemulation for Windows NT/2000 (Character based)
    Works fine with linux. For Linux set emulation to at386 and charset to ansi. To get color in mc start mc with --color. Function keys are working also.

    2001/06/30: Small update: Wrong display if host wants to display 0xff (happend in file display of mc).



    to be translated ;-) Für eine Messe sollte ich eine IP-Verbindung von Linux zu einer Windows NT-Workstation mit Callback von der NT-Workstation realisieren. (Die Telefonkosten auf Messen sind die Hölle ;-) Leider klappt das bei NT nicht ohne einen einmaligen Verbindungsaufbau. Daher habe ich einen kleinen Dienst für Windows NT geschrieben welcher Programme bei eingehenden Rufen starten kann. Damit konnte ich dann rasdial starten um die Verbindung aufzubauen. Ein weiteren Anwendungsbeispiel: Anruf vom Handy baut eine Internetverbindung auf.



    I wrote this program to restrict internet access for various people at a customer site. I used squid (and the access rules) on a linux box. Squid is able to use identd to identify the user on the other site. Identd returns the current windows user. Nothing to adjust, simply run ;-)



    win32 commandline tool to send smtp-mails.

    if i have the time, i will translate it ;-)


    MailSend 1.10                 (c) 1998-2000 Net Connection GmbH
    MailSend [Options] Empfänger
    -s Subject
    -f Filename [-f Filename ...]
    -u Urgent
    -r transmit confirmation
    -l read confirmation
    -m SmtpServer (Servername or IP-Adress)
    -e Sender
    -t Text
    -T File with text
    -7 use 7 bit only, standard is 8 bit
    -v Verbose
    -a charset for text is ansi, standard is OEM

    More than one recipient have to be separated by space.

    MailSend -s Test -f File1.zip -f f2.zip -m smptrelay.mydomain.com johndoe@gmx.com diehl@nordrhein.de



    Win32 commandline tool to search/replace in textfiles.

    if i have the time, i will translate it ;-)


    replace [Drive:][Path]Mask [/q] [/s] [/p] [/w]
     /q  -> non verbose
     /s  -> subfolders
     /p  -> prompt on replace
     /w  -> whole words only



    Win32 commandline tool to replace LF to CR/LF.


    Mirror 1 (T-Online)

    Mirror 2 (Tripod)

    see also: Binutils for FreePascal Netware-Target (Win32)

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